Boca Raton, Florida USA
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it all starts with safeHands®


Alcohol Free!
hand sanitizersafeHands® foaming sanitizer contains NO ALCOHOL. We ditched the culprit behind traditional hand sanitizer’s undesirable side effects  and replaced it entirely with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) to create a hand sanitizer that is tough on germs and SAFE on skin.
non toxic hand sanitizersafeHands® foaming sanitizer  is safe for kids, schools, or anywhere you want to kill germs.
non flammable hand sanitizerNo alcohol = No fires! We are perfect for schools, universities, restaurants and anywhere you want safeHands.
Kills 99.99% of Germs
alcohol free sanitizer kills germsWe kill germs - 99.99% of themThe rich formula of every safeHands® foaming sanitizer  moisturizes the skin without leaving them irritated, dry and flaky.  We are out to kill germs, not your skin. Pack it in your purse, backpack, give it to your teachers, tell your school you want to be germ free and SAFE!

· Kills 99.99% Germs · Hand Soothing ·
· FDA Approved Active Ingredient ·

The safeHands® brand began as a dream of Founder & CEO, Dr. Jay Reubens (known as “Dr. J” and inventor of the first touch-free dispenser) when he set out to develop a safe and effective alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  Dr. J’s goal was to ensure that his foam-based hand sanitizer not only killed over 99.99% of germs – but that it helped soothe, nourish and preserve the skin’s natural oils. It dawned on Dr. J, as he successfully tested the product with his friends and family, that a sanitizer that could be used frequently throughout the day without the harsh effects of alcohol on the skin, would be a product that people would love to use, would use more frequently and would in turn, lead to a decrease in the escalating infection rates. As safeHands products became a reality, it has become Dr. J’s mission to educate about the benefits of alcohol free hand sanitizer, one hand at a time.


Dr J. CEO of safeHands

After over 60 formulations, safeHands was perfected and underwent extensive clinical testing on human hands. The science has proven safeHands to be tough on germs and safe on the skin. Dr. J, in collaboration with noted scientist, Dr. David Dyer, have developed a complete line of safe and effective hand sanitizers now sold internationally.

You no longer need to suffer from dry, cracked hands as a result of multiple use of alcohol based hand sanitizers. The rich, exclusive formula in every bottle of next-generation safeHands hand sanitizer will make your hands feel silky smooth – even for those with the most sensitive skin. Nor do you need to be concerned about flammability or toxicity. safeHands is safe for Everyone. Everywhere.

Let’s face it, common alcohol based hand sanitizers are flammable, toxic, and can dry out the skin safeHands®  foaming hand sanitizer doesn’t do any of that.  You’ll love the switch to our alcohol free hand sanitizers.

alcohol free hand sanitizer safehands nontoxic