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The Best Way to Kill Germs Without Water

The Best Way to Kill Germs Without Water

While hand washing using soap and water is still the best way to kill germs and prevent the spread of diseases, it is not always feasible. This fact is particularly true for people who are lovers of the outdoors or frequently on the go. Of course, hand cleansing is also advised for children.

Children are known to pick up germs everywhere. Kids are known to play outdoors, touch “dirty” stuff and put those things in their mouth. If their parents are not very careful, these children can be at risk simply even while playing within the confines of their homes. It is therefore important that parents encourage their children to wash their hands frequently and when that is not possible (especially when kids are outside of their homes), use the best hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers come in different varieties. Each brand also contains varied alcohol content. Of course, there are also non-alcohol based hand sanitizers and there are alcohol free foam hand sanitizers. But which of these are the best hand sanitizers to use for your kids?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known to produce ill effects on its users. For one, alcohol-based hand sanitizers strip away the skins natural oils thereby making your kid’s hands dry with repeated use. Various studies have proven that continued and frequent use of alcohol hand sanitizers on kids actually increases the number of bacteria on the skin (because it is dry). This fact defeats the main purpose why hand sanitizers were created in the first place.

The best hand sanitizers, therefore, are those that are not alcohol-based. Alcohol free foam hand sanitizers are an example of these. This type of hand cleansing sanitizer does not contain harsh chemicals like ethanol thereby creating a safer hand cleansing product for you and your child. Without the alcohol, the skin will not burn or sting when applied nor will it make the skin drier and more prone to infection.

Hand cleansing is a routine that should be established in the home. When water and soap is not available, children should be taught to use the best hand sanitizer to clean their hands to prevent the spread or start of diseases. Of course, we, as parents should ensure that our kids only use products that are safe for them by ensuring that we use only the best hand sanitizers—alcohol free.

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